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Keep your listeners loyal and monetize their attendance live by offering on-air contests, organizing surveys or soliciting them via social networks. With DV Live, manage the staffing and performance of your interactivity operations via a single platform.
Creation, distribution, monitoring of your operations, our teams provide you with expertise and technology. Contests, surveys, autographs, votes... DV Live offers you a single point of access to all the features you need to set up your interactivity programs.
Create a meeting point with your readers and reward their loyalty with interactivity operations. Contests, signing sessions, surveys... Diversify participation media and create operations that combine performance and profitability. DV Live provides you with a unique platform to manage all your programs.
Engage your regular or occasional visitors by offering them contests, votes or surveys via customizable online forms. Reward their presence and enhance the value of your products by offering attractive endowments linked to your brand.
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Press
  • Online
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Contest Games


Within a unique interface, manage easily your contests. Choose the gameplay, the prizes and the most appropriate channels (Voice, SMS, Web…). Analyze the reach of your actions via your dedicated Dashboards.


Create direct interaction with your audience through voting campaigns. Operations that allow your speakers to comment on trends in real time before the results are announced. Define the votes to be taken into account or the answers to be excluded and manage the time intervals for the vote. Engage voters in a new gameplay based on participants.

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Create your dedication campaigns and enhance your programs. Interaction operations that will allow animators to interact live with their audience via a dedicated prompter. Define the gameplay and moderation steps you wish to implement. Follow the participation in real time.


Online Games

Integrate contests, votes or surveys into your web pages and follow the results in real time. Customize the forms according to your design and collect contact information from your visitors to populate your customer base.

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