Monetize & Retain your Audience

A Technology dedicated to On-air Interactivity

Communicate · Retain · Monetize

For each media, there is an interactivity solution
DV Live, a powerful and adapted solution

Directly connected

to Telecom Operators worldwide

DV Live Technology provides a Direct Connection to the world’s leading Telecom Operators.
More than 120 partnerships enable us to offer optimal technical services in terms of deliverability and
allow us to include in our services a Telecom Payment add-on adapted to interactivity operations.

Telecom Payment

is natively included in our operations

Premium SMS


Direct Carrier Billing

Premium SMS is a micro-payment solution triggered by sending or receiving a premium SMS. Suitable for online and offline mode.
Premium phone numbers that allow you to make a purchase by simply calling a dedicated number.
The act of purchase is carried out online via a web page or via an application. A single click is all it takes for the user to initiate payment. The customer path is defined and optimized in advance and offers a simple and fast payment process.
  • SMS +
  • Voice
  • DCB

User-Friendly Interface

Tailor-made and customized to fit your needs


Configuration of on air
interactivity programs
(SMS, Voice, Web...)


Message personalization
to fit your audience
and gameplay

Statistics and
real-time monitoring

Relevant statistics based on each user's profile and configurable metrics


Fully customizable and scalable interface


Ergonomic and personalized navigation

RCS, the future of SMS

Imagine enriching your SMS, having your logo branded, writing your text messages in color, inserting visuals, documents, emojis, QR codes, action buttons… And this without size limit.

Thanks to the RCS (Rich Communication Service), you are able to communicate with your customers in real time via IP protocol, allowing them to buy tickets and receive them without even leaving their mailbox.

RCS is the new communication operational standard for enhanced messages that is already enabled on some markets.